Friday, February 26, 2016

A Test

Life is testing us.
Dropping small challenges on us, more lately than before.
I have had a fever since last night, am not really enjoying anything but rest. Then today, picking up Sophia, driving home - my gears got difficult to put in, then the car started making a squeaky noise, and then all of a sudden all just locked down, making it impossible to steer.
I might have cursed, even if the kids were in the back seat. Did it really have to happen when I was feeling bad?

Anywho, the got the car to a shop. Problem being that the Black car was in the shop for a repainting. So no car, and I had to go work.
Luckily Memo's mother could take me to the first house, and then I had to walk - great on a day with fever.
Oh well, I am back at home. Memo is bringing some take out, and I will sleep early.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to go look at a potential school for Leon for the fall. Memo went this morning and liked it.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Home Sweet Home

We stayed only two weeks in Sweden, but it was like heaven to me.
I refilled my batteries and enjoyed every second of the trip.


Visiting the Junibacken museum

Making her own Gingerbread House

Christmas Eve

Early Birthday Party

Spain 2015

Here are a few pictures and a short text on our Spanish adventure.

Why Spain you might wonder? Because my dad and Bettina moved there last year, to Fuengirola.
Fun Fact, in 2005, we went on vacation to Fuengirola. I fell pretty badly one night. A different kind of trip.

Our stay was amazing, hopefully we will be able to come back soon. Sophia speaks about Spain all the time.

View from the house


View from the house in an other direction

Skipping her way through town

Day trip to Mijas

Picking rocks for the open fire

In Granada